Neon Released for iOS and Android!

Neon Released for iOS and Android!

iOS App Store

Android Play Store

Greetings Friends!

I am happy to announce the release of Neon for iOS and Android.  It is a drop puzzle like tetris, but with a mechanic similar to the classic Kirby’s Avalanche, or Puyo Puyo.  The goal is to get as many points as possible by matching colours.  Groups of four adjacent matching colours will eliminate and any pieces above them fall in their place.  If they fall into a match, then you have a combo.  The combo is directly linked to a point multiplier, and every time you get a combo or single match, the speed increases.  So stack your combos tall, then knock ’em down and get as many points as you can before the screen fills up.

There are 30 achievements, leaderboards, wifi multiplayer, and some facebook integration.


Swipe Left, Right and Down to Move.
Swipe Up or Tap to Rotate.

Thanks for playing!

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Neon Released for iOS and Android, sort of…

Neon Released for iOS and Android, sort of...

I have submitted Neon to the App Store for review so when they finish doing whatever voodoo they do it should hopefully be in the App Store in a few days. I don’t however have Android devices to test on, so I don’t know if the Play Services and multiplayer work. I have uploaded it but it is in beta. If you want to help me test it and have Android devices then send me your email address, and I will add you the beta testers list. I presume it will then let you search my app in the Play Store. I have never actually done this so I don’t actually know. I could always just make the .apk file available to download without the Play Store. Let me know if you want to help, or watch for Neon in the App Store.
Thanks for playing!

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Mushroom Jump

Mushroom Jump

This is a game I made last year that kind of stalled. It is totally playable and I put it online at GameJolt, because I love that site right now.

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Hey everybody.  I found an awesome website for indie games online.  I put both my games there and even managed to get sound on Birdy Clone!  Check out Game Jolt and my games there!


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Greetings world.

I will soon be unleashing a new video game upon the mobile devices, and thought I should show you all. It is called Neon. It is a drop puzzle, like tetris is a drop puzzle, but more closely related to Kirby’s Avalanche or Puyo Puyo. Every piece is a combination of two cells of different colours. Cells are eliminated when four or more are touching. The object of the game is to stack the colours in such a way that when a group is destroyed, the cells on top of them will fall into contact with others of the same colour, thereby eliminating them, and allowing others to fall into groups, etc. For each successive cascade of destruction your multiplier will increment. For each cell destroyed you receive 10 points times number of cells in the group, times the multiplier. Every time you destroy one group, or a combination of groups, the speed will increase. So the idea is to stack as large of a combo as possible to get as high points as possible while increasing the speed the least amount. It’s all about the combo’s. I may not be explaining it well enough here, but it is very easy to figure out. The game is intended for iOS and Android devices, and will include multiplayer between devices through Game Center on iOS, and Google Play Services on Android, as well as Facebook integration. This version is only single player at the moment though, with no social integration. The art is not quite finished. Each cell will appear to glow instead of looking like a solid ring, and things will be moved around some. I would love to hear anybody’s thoughts or criticisms on the game, please leave me a message.



up rotates clockwise, space rotates counter clockwise, left, down, and right move in those directions.

mobile device:

tap screen to rotate clockwise, swipe up to rotate counter clockwise, swipe left, down and right to move in those directions.



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Birdy Clone in Amazon App Store

Hey everybody.  If you haven’t already checked it out, there is now another way to get your hands on Birdy Clone, the premiere Flappy Bird Clone! (I talk big).  It is now available in the Amazon App store for android!

In their testing regiment my ads received over 1500 impressions from Amazon App Store version alone!  At a refresh rate of 30 seconds that is over 12.5 hours of screen time!  Too bad I only get paid when people click the ads!  The email they sent me showed all the devices they tested it on, all their Kindle thingies.  I imagine one guy loading it up on like 12 different devices at once and just letting them run while he plays them one at a time.  That seems like a lot of effort for an app they aren’t getting money for in any way.

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Birdy Clone for Android

Attention all, Birdy Clone is officially available in the Google Play.  iOS is still planned for the near future.  Download it, rate it, tell your friends.

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