AdventureBall has High Scores!!

I just integrated OpenFeint into AdventureBall!  It was so easy.  If any of you are using the SIO2 game engine and thinking of integrating OpenFeint, DO IT!  Twelve steps in the readme that comes with the SDK file and about four or five steps on the wiki, and it was up and running in an hour or so.  Now my players will be able to compare their high scores against friends, the world, people around them.  I will be able to add achievements when I see fit as well.  For starters, it will only be high scores for the ten levels, and one for the cumulative score if you beat the game.

That said, I will be releasing version 0.95 as soon as possible.  It will include some awesome 8-bit sound that I haven’t come up with yet, OpenFeint, and a couple of bug fixes.  Probably a level selector as well.  I don’t know if it really deserves to be 0.95, probably closer to 0.93 based on the amount of difference I am expecting, but I don’t plan any other releases before 1.0, so we might as well keep it even.



About keithkarnage

KeithK is an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He mostly works in programming and video games.
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