iMarble and SIO2

OK so I found out today that the new version of SIO2 (the game engine I’m using if you’re not keeping track) will not be open source. LAME! I was using this engine because it was open source. It will now cost something like $365 a year to continue to use and make games with. LAME I say again! So will I be continuing to use it? Probably. There are other engines out there, and I’m sure some of them are still free and open source, but they are probably not as advanced as SIO2 is and will be in the near future. Other game engines probably have the benefit of a team working on them as opposed to one person though. Hard choice. I am an artist more than a programmer. I should probably be using something that is more wysiwig like Unity (and had I known that my former college had licensed copies before I had pretty much finished my game I would be) but I still kind of like SIO2. I have enjoyed reverse engineering the tutorials, and the new version will have all new tutorials, and sounds much better than the version I am using now. It is a new engine though, not compatible with version 1.4, which means that all my hard work on iMarble is essentially useless, as I would have to rewrite the entire game for 2.0. And the final tutorial for 2.0 is apparently going to be a full ball-rolling game. I chose this genre because it would be easy, to make learning to make a game easier. But I have had to deal with a lot this summer, and the version that is in the app store is not worth the $0.99 I am asking for it. I can’t leave a game like that, especially my first. So I am going to rush version 1.0 (not as rushed as version 0.9) because if I don’t the engine I am using may become deprecated in relation to the iOS version as 1.4 will no longer be kept up. I had planned on doing much with this game, just as an arena to test out different ways of doing things in the engine. In the end it could have been a really cool game. Now I am just going to get the bare bones working again, with the little extra that I have already added over AdventureBall, and then just focus on level design. Hopefully by the end of September I can have a decent selection of levels, and a decent little game, that I wont be ashamed to even advertise for. By the way, to the people who have paid for it, thank you for not giving me bad ratings. I am still hopeful that I can put out a decent game on 1.4, and that it wont be unplayable on new versions of the iOS. Hopefully I can do it quick enough that I can make $365 off of it so I can pay for the license for the new version. I will still try to document my progress, despite the futileness of documenting how to use a soon to be legacy game engine. It just doesn’t seem right to completely abandon it. That said, I have added a little particle system to iMarble, which moves to the location of a collected gem and activates. Check it out.


About keithkarnage

KeithK is an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He mostly works in programming and video games.
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One Response to iMarble and SIO2

  1. dylan says:

    Thanks for providing all your insight into the design/development process – interesting stuff! All the mad vagaries of software licenses and confabulations of iOS development are intriguing and fascinating – even to a non-gaming-iLess lazy sod like me!

    Keep on posting. Cheers!

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