New York Subway Posters

New York Subway Posters, 2012
On a recent trip to New York I took these photos of what I felt were some of the more interesting subway posters. Well, I guess these aren’t posters strictly speaking, but are where the posters go, and created by the posters themselves much of the time, as the posters are simply very large stickers that are pasted over the old posters they destroy the lower layer if torn off. Some local artists have done some interesting work cutting out portions to reveal small bits of lower layers, but that is other people’s art. I present the unintentional result of destructive acts here, as ready mades, which I feel comments nicely on advertising in general.


About keithkarnage

KeithK is an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He mostly works in programming and video games.
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One Response to New York Subway Posters

  1. I love these abstracts! Such a good eye!

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