Huzzah for datamoshing

These are some of my experiments with datamoshing.  For those unfamiliar with the process it involves manually altering compressed video files.  One way videos are compressed is to use p-frames.  Instead of having an image for each frame, many of them are replaced with algorithms that simply relate it to the last frame.  The i-frames are still required so the p-frames have something to alter.  If you then alter the order of the p-frames you can imagine that the resulting video will not look right.  If you repeat the same p-frame over and over again you get an interesting abstract image that seems to grow.  My source material is old 1940’s Superman cartoons that are public domain.  I use the first frame (a completely blank (black) i-frame), then pick a p-frame at somewhat random (if there is too large a difference between frames the image in the frame will show in the final result) and see what it will do to the blank screen.  That is why I call these PPortraits.  They are sort of a portrait of a single p-frame.


About keithkarnage

KeithK is an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He mostly works in programming and video games.
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