Birdy Clone in Amazon App Store

Hey everybody.  If you haven’t already checked it out, there is now another way to get your hands on Birdy Clone, the premiere Flappy Bird Clone! (I talk big).  It is now available in the Amazon App store for android!

In their testing regiment my ads received over 1500 impressions from Amazon App Store version alone!  At a refresh rate of 30 seconds that is over 12.5 hours of screen time!  Too bad I only get paid when people click the ads!  The email they sent me showed all the devices they tested it on, all their Kindle thingies.  I imagine one guy loading it up on like 12 different devices at once and just letting them run while he plays them one at a time.  That seems like a lot of effort for an app they aren’t getting money for in any way.


About keithkarnage

KeithK is an artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He mostly works in programming and video games.
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