Adventure Ball Game Design Document 

AdventureBall v0.95



Roll to the goal! Collect the gems and get to the goal before time runs out to earn the highest score. Enjoy 10 beautiful levels and prepare for more with the release of version 1.0. 


Hold your device at a 45 degree angle to hold the ball still.
Tilt your device in any direction to move the ball. 

Thank you for considering my first video game. Your purchase will support the continued development of this game, and my education at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

What’s new in version 0.95: 

-High scores with OpenFeint
-fixed bugs

What to expect in version 1.0:
-new levels
-new obstacles (like pinball bumpers)
-puzzle elements (like switches and gates)
-animated levels (like moving platforms)
-animated environmental objects (like flowers and trees reacting to collision)
-special effects (like fire and water)
-realtime shadows
-improved frame rate
and much more! 

BUY NOW! (please) 


Here are a few screenshots:



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