AdventureBall Design Document

1 Design History
1.1 Version 0.9
-This game was created without a design document. I was basically experimenting with what I could do and pushed out a game containing the basic game mechanic still in need of much work.
-Glitch in level 2_04 (ninth level) – The goal does not always trigger. This may be a centring problem with the object.
1.2 Version 0.95 Change Log
2 Game Overview
2.1 Game Design Goals
2.1.1 I am trying to make a simple game that is fun, intuitive, and has replay value.
2.1.2 Plays on iOS 4.0 due to game engine restrictions. All iOS devices have accelerometers which are used to control the game.
2.2 Common Questions
2.2.1 What is the game?
-AdventureBall is a high score battle.
-Your points decrease with the time spent playing.
-Collecting gems adds multipliers to your score.
-This creates a tradeoff between collecting all the gems, or getting to the goal as fast as possible to get the highest score.
-Levels will not be laid out in a linear fashion, creating many possible paths, creating replay value as you try to find the quickest path with the most multipliers.
2.2.2 Why create this game?
-This game was created because it was simple, and was meant to serve as an introduction to myself in game design.
-This game was created as part of BFA degree at Alberta College of Art and Design. (I got an A+ and a B+ in the two classes directly related to the game)
2.2.3 Where does the game take place?
-The game takes place in an abstract fantasy world of grassy islands floating in space.
2.2.4 What do I control?
-You control a ball using the iOS devices accelerometers.
2.2.5 What is the main focus?
-Getting the most points.
2.2.6 What makes this game any different?
-The look of the game. The levels have been skillfully designed and textured to create a lush, colourful, imaginary landscape.
3 Feature Set
3.1 General Features
3.1.1 There are 10 levels.
3.2 Gameplay
-Hold the device at a 45 degree angle to hold the ball level, then tilt the device in any direction to make the ball move in that direction.
*3.3 Character Editor
*3.3.1 You will be able to choose between a number of preset textures like the 8-ball.
*3.4 Level Editor
*-There is a very slim chance that you may one day be able to make your own levels.
4 The Game World
4.1 Overview
-AdventureLand is a series of islands floating in space, rich with items and obstacles for the player to collect. Paths sometimes suggest a direction to travel in.
4.2 Graphic Motif
-AdventureLand is a cartoon world with inspiration drawn heavily from Super Mario Galaxy, with a distinctive nature theme.
4.3 The Physical World
4.3.1 Original designs: Islands made of dirt and grass. Rocks, wildflowers and trees dot the landscape. In future versions some of them will have collision responses.
*4.3.2 Additional designs: That alone will get boring pretty quick, and I will be adding new types of trees and flowers.
*4.4 Expanding on the Simplicity
*4.4.1 Obstacles: Pinball bumpers, gates and switches, water and fire hazards.
*4.4.2 Enemies: Small Goomba-like AI’s that can knock the player off the edge or bat them into space.
*4.5 Level Advancement
*-Levels advance linearly, or can be chosen from the main menu.
4.6 Current Rendering Pipeline
-Each level has it’s own .sio2 file. Currently does not use clones, all objects are individual copies. Each .sio2 file contains duplicate copies for objects that are in all levels.
*4.7 Future Rendering Pipeline
*-One .soi2 file will contain a single copy of each object that is common to all levels. A text file will be referenced that contains the the coordinates for the multiple locations that each object will be drawn to.
4.8 Camera
4.8.1 The camera always stays on one side of the player. If something moves between the player and the camera, the camera moves closer so the player is always visible.
4.8.2 The current camera setup allows the camera to zoom in so close that you see nothing but the player, but can also allow the creation of hidden treasure troves.
*4.8.3 It may be rather simple to setup camera zones, where by when the player enters a certain region, the camera adopts a new orientation.
4.9 Lighting and Shadows
4.9.1 All lighting is baked into textures and no lights are calculated at run time to save on processing power.
*4.9.2 Shadows will be calculated or faked for all movable objects including the player, and will be faked for all static objects.
5 Game Characters
5.1 The player is a ball, currently textured as an 8-ball.
*5.2 The player will be able to select from a number of preset ball designs or create their own.
*5.3 Enemies
*5.3.1 “Goomba-like” -wanders around until it sees the player, then charges blindly until one or both of you have fallen off the edge.
*5.3.2 “Batter” -waits until you move past, then tries to get next to you and swing it’s bat.
6 World Objects
6.1 Round Tree – Red, round bushy tree, with many alpha mapped leaves.
*6.1.1 Leaves fall when you collide with tree.
*6.2 Conifer Tree – Green, bushy evergreen. Slows movement when inside radius.
6.3 Rocks – Big, immobile rocks you must go over or go around.
6.4 Wild Roses – Small flowers in fuchsia, pink and white that dot the landscape.
*6.4.1 I would like to replace these 2-poly flowers with more 3D objects that move when you roll past them.
6.5 Stairs and Bridges – Wooden steps and bridges provide access to hard to reach areas.
7 User Interface
7.1 Menu
7.1 Play – Enters play mode at level 1.
*7.1.1 – Will be able to choose the level that you begin at.
7.2 Credits – Displays the Creative Commons Attribution credits for the photographs I used to create pretty much all textures.
*7.2.1 – May one day expand this to be more specific about credits.
*7.3 Options – Set sound levels and other game variables.
*7.4 High Scores – View personal high scores, as well as regional and world leaderboards.
7.2 Game
7.2.1 EXIT button in bottom right exits to main menu.
*7.2.2 EXIT button will be replaced with a pause menu.
*7.3 Pause Menu
7.3.1 Same as Options menu (7.3) with additional buttons for exiting or returning to the game.
*8 Music and Sound
*8.1 Music
*8.1.1 Background music will be audible throughout the game and the level adjustable from the main menu or pause menu.
*8.1.2 A quicker, deeper beat will become audible and louder as you near the goal for each level.
*8.2 Effects
*-Each pickup will make the same chime when picked up, and the goal will make another when achieved. All sounds and music will likely be 8-bit.
9 Game Mode (Single Player Only)
9.1 Progression
9.1.1 You begin at the beginning of level one and play through the ten current levels.
*9.2.2 You will be able to chose which level you want to play, as well as whether to replay a level or progress to the next.
9.2 Death – If you run out of time or fall of the edge you will lose a life and restart the level. You have 3 lives.
9.3 Goal – Reach the goal in the smallest amount of time for the most points while collecting the gems to multiply your score.
*9.4 High Scores – High scores will be recorded online in world wide and regional leaderboards.


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