So I found this software called Sofortbild. It is tethering software for Nikon cameras. I have a Nikon D40, which was the bottom of the line DSLR in about 2007 or so. It only takes 6.6 megapixel images, but that is more than enough for HD. To assemble the images I wrote a Processing sketch that compiles images into a video file. I will publish that soon, but I want to clean it and expand on it some first.

This was on Canada Day. Beautiful day for a walk on the waterfront.

OMFG, what a nice day this was.  I think this may be the best one yet, the clouds were just going in the direction I wanted them too.  I took photos at six second iterations this time to smooth it out some.

Again with the flickering problem, but there are some good useable parts.  This one is only 3 seconds between images, makes for much smoother scurrying and vehicles.

Halifax waterfront, then Brunswick street and the clock tower on Citadel Hill.  I neglected to turn off the auto focus however which makes the footage mostly unusable.  Makes a good test shot though.

Holy Cross Cemetery

Back on Citadel Hill, this time facing north-ish. Watch for the contrail half way through.

This one is from the side of Citadel Hill facing west(ish). My battery died before two hours, so this one is shorter than the first two. It is 640 images at 6 per minute, making this 1h, 46m, 40s.

This is another time lapse, same dimensions: 2hr, 15min, 6 images a minute. The view is just sky at something like 30 degrees from the Halifax waterfront. Watch for the sailboat that came in close near the middle, and the bird that I caught a little closer to the end. I don’t have a premium account so I’m only allowed one HD upload a week. This video didn’t get transcoded to HD (actually 720 on this site), but you can download the original in all of it’s 1080 glory. This one is compressed, but looks nice. If you are actually interested in using this for something I have a much larger file that I could provide you with.

This is a time lapse I took out my living room window. Below the picture line is an ugly parking lot. I took it at 10 second intervals over 2 hours and 15 minutes, 815 images total. I was pretty much just testing the process.


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