These are some of my experiments with datamoshing.  For those unfamiliar with the process it involves manually altering compressed video files.  One way videos are compressed is to use p-frames.  Instead of having an image for each frame, many of them are replaced with algorithms that simply relate it to the last frame.  The i-frames are still required so the p-frames have something to alter.  If you then alter the order of the p-frames you can imagine that the resulting video will not look right.  If you repeat the same p-frame over and over again you get an interesting abstract image that seems to grow.  My source material is old 1940’s Superman cartoons that are public domain.  I use the first frame (a completely blank (black) i-frame), then pick a p-frame at somewhat random (if there is too large a difference between frames the image in the frame will show in the final result) and see what it will do to the blank screen.  That is why I call these PPortraits.  They are sort of a portrait of a single p-frame.


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